Our operations are based on reviewing customer needs and finding the optimal lighting solutions for each customer. We pay attention to filling the requirements of each location and delivering comprehensive service. Customer receives everything needed for setting up LED lighting from design to installation.

Lighting solutions, products and services that:

  • Give you optimized lighting solution for your location – from design to installation
  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Improve value of real estates
  • Improve effectiveness, well-being and safety at work


Well planned and implemented lighting is one of the easiest way to reduce energy costs. Optimized lighting solution can save your company as much as 50 – 80 per cent annually. Bare in mind that with LED-technology, quality and savings go hand in hand. This implies that the higher quality the manufactured luminaire is, the higher are the cumulative cost savings.

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The perfect lighting solution is often tailored individually for each location as they all have varying needs. Ledistys Oy offers customized service that helps our customers in their lighting projects from the planning phase through implementation. Our offering is a composition of high quality LED-luminaires, professional planning, optimized individual solutions and efficient implementation.

Cost efficient, high quality LED-luminaires

The primary objective of lighting is to create enough luminance to carry out different actions and operations. The goal of energy efficient lighting is to fulfill the set requirements while minimizing the cost of energy used. Because of the advanced LED-technology used in our products, our customers are able to get ideal lighting conditions and begin to save money, simultaneously.

High quality luminaires requires more than just state of the art LEDs. Our modular products are the result of careful planning regarding many aspects, such as, component and driver selections followed by housing and cooling decisions, just to mention a few.

Our R&D and manufacturing take place within same premises, which means we are in full control of our processes and their quality. Furthermore, as our production lays in our own hands, it is easier for us to design and optimize perfect lighting solutions for each individual customer.

Please introduce yourself to our MODULED-luminaires, suitable for various industrial and commercial needs.

Comprehensive design and planning process

The meaning of careful planning is highlighted in the search of most energy efficient lighting solutions. It takes into account crucial factors, such as the amount and efficiency of luminaires, as well as their ideal placement and most reasonable control technologies. Each lighting project is individual and dependent on the customers' premises and their operational requirements.

In addition, we would like to remind you to take into account the long-term yields of the investment. Our luminaires are virtually maintenance free and extremely durable. Therefore, by choosing our high quality LED-luminaires you are able to keep your energy and maintenance costs low for many years to come.

Are you looking for a replacement of your current lighting solution or are you building a new space and want to choose the most efficient luminaires? Let us help you to make the best possible investment regarding lighting and energy savings: Contact us.